Famous canyon the Vacca in Corsica, know for it diversity; jumps, rappels and slides.

Situation: France, Corsica
Massif : Bavella.
Bassin : Solenzara.
Cours d’eau : Solenzara.

Canyon tres ludique avec des nombreuses de sauts.

Approache : 40 min
Descent : 2,5 heur
Retour : 1,15 h

A beautiful ride up to the parking, surrounded by a forest of Laricio Pine, endemic of Corsica. You might also have a quick view on the aiguilles of Bavella. From Solenzara you pass the Col de la Bocca di Larone and after few turns you’re at the parking. Let’s go for a day of canyoning activity!

You pick up your gears out of your car, pack up everything and start the trail that goes down to the river. The path is quickly steep : watch your feet and put aside thought about the way back ! You will walk approximately 30 minutes to reach the river. The sun is usually here, resplendent on the big granite eggs you find at the start. The rocks offers perfect places to set up.

The canyon of la Vacca follow a large gorge, offering landscapes, sunny places to have a break, and sometimes the gorge narrows : at these moments the canyon becomes way more aquatic. You need at these moments to swim. In whole it’s not a very technical canyon. You can do almost everything with no rope. However, one waterfall is really safer by abseil: the 12 meters jump is quite technical since you need to jump in a very specific place to avoid big rocks under the water. If we don’t take this one in consideration, La Vacca offers 8 jumps, up to 9 meters, more or less technical.

This canyon has a specific character for many reasons. First for the travel : it’s not a little canyon you’ll finish in 1 hour. The walk, the obstacles will take you time and furthermore the landscape will make you stop often ! Secondly the harmony that comes out of this canyon is very specific : big bowls of grey, sometimes orange granite contrast with the turquoise water. The beauty is obvious. Finally it is not crowded, at the opposite of many canyons around : you might be alone, juste hearing the sound of water and some animals.

The walking parts are not long between the obstacles, and often funny because of the rocs configurations.

About the way back and the other particularities of la Vacca we will not say more about it here, because the best is to live it !