Piscia di Gallu

Commune : Zonza.
Massif : Alta rocca.
Bassin : Osu.

Approach: 15 min
Descente: 2,5 heur
Retour: 1 heur

Canyoning in the waterfall of Piscia di Gallu is an adventure you will remember. This canyon offers really impressive perspectives and finish with a 70 meters waterfall that you will abseil down.

From the parking you need to walk around 20 minutes in a nice and oppened forest. At the opposite of few other canyons the walk is not very steep, and allow to relax and take a look around to enjoy the landscape.

You will meet the river at a flat part where the debit is quiet. You can set up and pack your things easily, then have a bath before to start the canyon.

You follow the river by the side and quite suddenly the water dive betwen two 20 meters cliffs : that is the start. The debit is often strong and the obstacles are passed with precaution, under the good control of your guide. This is not the canyon in which you will jump the most, majority of the obstacles being overpassed with a rope. It is an impressive canyon which deserve his reputation. The cliffs on both sides looks like shaped by thousands years of water contact.

The last waterfall is obviously the most impressive : the water is diving 70 meters down and you abseil, watched and pictured by the hikers downside. If you are quick enough you might be able to ask the hikers to share their photos with you !

The walk back will give you a nice sight of the waterfall, in order to fix in your memories the name of the canyon, given by the name of the waterfall : Piscia di Gallu, in english « goat’ piss », probably because of the golden color of the wall !