” This workshop of four days canyoning, guided by a licensed guide will take you through one of the most beautiful canyons of Corsica.

Come enjoy the adventure!

Canyoning is a vertical descent down the river using ropes, 
passing slides, jumps, abseils and zip-lines.

Come down with us in the canyons with turquoise water pools 
for full adrenaline excitement.

An extraordinary adventure showing you the wild sides of Corsica,
beautiful views with an original
outdoor activity as canyoning: an unforgettable experience.

Choose your kind of adventure:

Jumps in the Baracci

4 Days of adventure – Corsica

Come with us for an exceptional outdoor activity, canyoning, which will give you an unforgettable life experience.
Guided through Corsica on one of the most original ways, exceptional sensations, wonderful time with friends, stunning views = a complete holiday activity.

Were you already planning to explore the beautiful Island Corsica? To go canyoning? Still looking for outdoor activities on your holiday? Well then this four day canyoning holiday is the perfect combination for YOU!

(+33) (0) 7 55 72 73 59

Our activities are guided by a licensed climbing and canyoning guide, to let you enjoy and explore these outdoor activities fully secured




Day 1 : Baracci intergral
Day 2 : Vivaggio **
Day 3 : Vacca **
Day 4 : Piscia di Gallu **

Includes; licensed Guide / Canyoning material * / Photos

  Costs                              350€ / pers

*Wet-suit 5 mm, Helmet, Harness, Bag and waterproof container, a free drink on the beach (3rd day)
** Canyon could change between other beautiful canyons by weather conditions

For more information or any advise on accommodations in the region
(+33) (0) 7 55 72 73 59

*If you are staying in Propriano we will meet each other in the base of Baracci Natura and follow each other by car to the destinations.

*If you are staying in Ajaccio / Sartene or elsewhere, we will give you the meeting places and time with map by mail